Creating wealth with Stock Market

Do you think the stock market is risky? Most likely, the answer is yes. In our opinion, if stock market is risky, then driving is also risky and flying is also risk .

The key is to select the right stocks, Invest at the right time and for the right duration. Now, this looks a little too complicated. is! Even flying is extremely complicated and you need a lot of training before you can fly a plane. But think of this! If we want to fly from Delhi to Mumbai, we don’t think of learning how to fly a plane, we simply pay the cost to the airlines and enjoy the journey. That’s exactly that can be done , rather should be done if you want to create wealth. Hand over your hard earned money to fund managers who know have seen ups and downs in the market and yet have created good returns.

People invest in so many instruments like Fixed deposits, ULIP, PPF, Recurring Deposits, Insurance policies and what not and…. remain invested for a long time. But when it comes to investing in equity, their long term definition changes from 15 years to 15 days. That’s weird. But who is losing out on the opportunity?? It’s not the fund manager.

Equity is the only asset class which even has the potential to give around 15% CAGR in next 10-15 years. So, stock market is not the problem, the problem is our approach in investing.

25 lacs invested in EICHER MOTORS in 1992-today 200 crore.

25 lacs invested in ASIAN PAINTS in 1986-today 225 crore

25 lacs invested in HDFC in 1990-today 250 crore

25 lacs invested in BRITANNIA in 1985-today 265 crore

*Dividend income is Extra

What does it mean? It does not mean you go and buy these stocks. That could prove to be an extremely dangerous step. Past performance never guarantees future performance and that’s where the role of a professional comes in.

The idea was to convey the amount of money that can be made in the stock market with proper guidance.

HNI can invest in PMS services and can create a possibility for themselves to grow their money 10 times in 10-15 years. 10x…yes it’s possible. In PMS services the fund manager doesn’t invest 25 lacs in a single stock but similar stock which has high growth potential.

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